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It was an eventful Monday night game of football against Nürnberg, who were happy to take a point from the Millerntor. The Boys in Brown were pleased with the morale they showed after falling behind twice, but overall were frustrated at not winning the game.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It was a hot-blooded second division game. We threw everything at it and put in a huge effort. We had lots of good moments going forward and had our opponents in trouble. The game went the way we wanted it. We knew Nürnberg were good on the break and we wouldn’t be able to keep them at bay all the time. Nevertheless, I’m annoyed it only ended 2-2. We were the busier team and the team who would have deserved the win more, but we also know how it could have gone. If you’re unlucky, you end up conceding another goal and are left empty-handed, so in that respect a point is OK. If we’d had 30,000 fans in today, they’d have screamed the roof off the way we performed. We’d have gone off to a standing ovation. The players gave it all they had and worked extremely hard. That’s how I want us to play. We knew we were taking a certain risk with the lineup, but I’d rather we played bold attacking football and allow the opposition the odd chance or two than sit back and play cautious football and hope we can snatch a goal. We want to be brave, we want to get forward, and making mistakes is a part of that."

Daniel Buballa: "I don’t normally practise shooting, but this week I spent two days striking the ball with my instep and I got my reward straightaway. I played alongside Enrico Valentini at Aalen for two years and he wasn’t expecting me to pull out a shot like that one. No one in our squad or the coach thought I had it in me either. I can hit the target, though (he laughs), and I’m delighted I got my reward with the goal and we rescued the point. We were desperate to win it and we threw everyone forward to try and get a third goal but didn’t have quite enough strength to find a winner."

Robin Himmelmann: "It was an excellent performance from the word go and we tried to take control. About the only thing we can be faulted for over 90 minutes is not winning the game."

Christopher Avevor: "I definitely touched the ball with my hand. I’m gutted. You try to block the ball somehow with your leg and keep your balance with your arm. You can clearly see my arm moving away, and there’s no tension in it, but it’s a penalty, so there’s no need to say any more. It won’t be the last time we discuss a decision like that, though, that’s for sure. The pass I played before the first goal was too risky and I shouldn’t have attempted it, but we fought back really well and were clearly the better team. After the break we found ourselves chasing the game again. Huge compliments to the team, we showed great morale. The lads who came on slotted in really well. And then there’s Buba, of course, who scored a beautiful goal. I’m happy for him and the rest of the team for getting a point. At the end of the day, we can’t be satisfied, however, because we wanted to win the game."

FCN coach Robert Klauß: "The draw was a fair result in the end. It was a good second division game with lots of attacking action. I like this kind of football, which is why we can and have to live with the point. St. Pauli definitely exerted more pressure and had more set pieces and attempts on goal, but we had the better chances. We need to defend better, though we were unlucky to give away the penalty. I can’t fault anyone. If we can win more second balls and tight challenges, we’ll get more opportunities to switch the play. We offered resistance and took a step forward."

Johannes Geis (FCN): "It was our own fault today for squandering the leads too easily. When we go in front, we simply have to do better going forward, exert more pressure and go for the third goal. That would settle it. Anything can happen if you don’t. Nevertheless, we take a point with us on the long journey home."

Manuel Schäffler (FCN): "We gave the leads away too easily today. The good thing about it, though, is that we go home with a point. I’m happy with that. There were a couple of moments, such as Robin Hack’s disallowed goal, where you saw the football we’re capable of. I didn’t see too much of the ball in the box, but when you do get a pass and you score, that’s OK."


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