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Robin Himmelmann, Marvin Knoll and director of sport Uwe Stöver didn't pull any punches in their assessment of the 4-0 reverse at SV Sandhausen.

Director of sport Uwe Stöver: "I think it was evident that the players were still carrying a heavy burden. The derby was a big setback and you have to it over it. It's our job to shrug things off but we didn't manage to do that during the week, it has to be said. The burden became heavier and heavier after the opening goal. We don't sugarcoat things here. The performance today wasn't good enough. We'll go over it. We're in a difficult situation but we'll face up to it and we have to come out the other side. That's our job during the international break. I'm sure we'll bounce back."

Robin Himmelmann: "We came here looking to erase last Sunday from the memory and concede four. We didn't prevent the cross before the first goal, we didn't stop the counterattack before the second. And the way we came out after the break is something we have to talk about. The defeat is a sickener for all of us. We have to be careful not to throw away the good position we put ourselves in. We've now lost twice and conceded eight goals without reply within six days. You've no arguments left after that. We have to regroup during the international break and see what buttons we can press."

Marvin Knoll: "We're conceding a lot of cheap goals. You can't allow Diekmeier to run so far and cross before the first goal. You lack organisation in the middle if you do. Before the second we had a corner and got caught on the break. Our defending was simply not good enough today and we only have ourselves to blame for the result. I'm lost for words. When you defend like that it's no wonder you lose so heavily."

Andrew Wooten (SV Sandhausen): "I think we had the game under control from the outset. We had a lot of chances and made good use of them, which is why we ended up winning 4-0. We know what we're capable of and have to keep going now."

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