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Sobota bemoans lack of physicality

After the 2-2 draw at SV Sandhausen, there was general agreement that it wasn't the best performance this season and, despite an opportunity to win it late on, a draw was a fair result. Here's the post-match reaction.

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann: "We weren't really in it early on. It was clear we had to get the tackles in and show physicality and power but we failed to do that in the first 25 minutes. We were lucky not to go behind and instead found ourselves in front. The penalty was OK. In the second half, we did more in terms of challenges and physicality, so you can't really ask much more of the team."

Daniel Buballa: "Sandhausen caused us massive problems and imposed their game on us with ease. They kept playing the ball up to the two strikers, who were strong in the air, and we were too far apart. That made it difficult for us to help each other. We got hassled off the ball too often and were too quick going for the long ball. We just didn't get going, but we did get our reward for standing up to the pressure. After that we still couldn't get going even though we'd taken the lead. Sandhausen deserved to equalise but the timing just before half-time was annoying. We were more solid after the restart with the back three but then we suffered a setback. We came back, though, thanks to a brilliant individual move from Dimi. We could have got the win right at the end but we wouldn't have deserved it."

Robin Himmelmann: "We were a bit too passive at the start and didn't win enough second balls. Then it was end to end. We gave away too many chances in the first half but then went and scored a goal out of the blue. We had more of the game in the second half and ended up with a point. We can't really expect much more the way the game went today. Next Sunday we want to take all three points at the Millerntor."

Waldemar Sobota: "We've always found it difficult here at Sandhausen and today wasn't our best performance. We were lucky to go in at half-time with the score at 1-1 because Sandhausen applied a lot of pressure and had lots of chances. We didn't get into the challenges the way we envisaged. Sandhausen won more of the second balls and that created problems. In the end we'll take the point. We can live with it and it's worth a lot. Considering it was 2-1 just before the end, we could have even ended up winning, but that would have been overegging the pudding."

Viktor Gyökeres: "Sandhausen played a lot of long balls. The ball was in the air more than on the ground today. Ryo played a great pass and I put it in the back of the net. The lead did us good but Sandhausen turned it round. Thankfully we got a second to pick up a point. I would have liked to have won and we could have done so at the end."


Photos: Witters


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