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Schultz: "It'll be important to be solid all over the pitch"

With three games in six days, it's a hectic start to the year for the Boys in Brown. And it meant head coach Timo Schultz was back in front of the media on Monday morning ahead of the DFB Cup tie against holders Borussia Dortmund.

Timo Schultz on the…

...the personnel situation: "Everyone came through the Aue game more or less unscathed. We'll see whether Luca Zander (catching up after missing training camp) will come into the squad and maybe get a runout. With Afeez Aremu, we won't be taking any risks and will use the international break. Simon Makienok feels his knee sometimes after a heavy workout but is able to train and play, albeit not for 90 minutes. Dennis Smarsch will keep goal, he had a major hand in our wins at Magdeburg and Dresden. I'm sure he'll put in a top performance tomorrow."

...possible tools against Dortmund: "Stress is a good word. If we're able to cause them stress and put them under pressure in such a way that they're permanently tied up in challenges and can't play their own game, then we'll have achieved a lot. It'll be important to be solid all over the pitch, whether up top or in defence. We need to keep the distances short and support one another. With their individual quality, they'll win through in the one-on-ones occasionally and so we'll need the next player to step in and tidy up whenever we lose a challenge or make a mistake."

...the Dortmund defence as a possible weak spot: "It wouldn't be appropriate for us to say we see a weakness and Dortmund have a dodgy defence. We do know where the focus of our game lies, however, and we'll try to find a few gaps and create or wangle numerical advantages in certain areas of the pitch. I don't see us having no chance, we'll stick to our plan and we have our strengths. We're at home and we always fancy our chances. We have nothing to lose, we'll give it all we've got and try to score goals the same way we do every game. Dortmund will have to come and try to get in behind us. They know they can't afford to get caught on the break against us and so they'll come well prepared."

...Borussia Dortmund: "Really attractive opponents and one of the top two teams in Germany at the moment. We're really looking forward to it, but we know we're up against lots of great players and a great team. We came through the first two rounds for a chance of a home game against very attractive opposition. World Cup winners and genuine superstars don't show up at the Millerntor all that often. We do think we have a chance even though we're not exactly favourites."

...playing under Covid-19 conditions: "It's a great DFB Cup tie to have here at the Millerntor, but unfortunately in front of just 2,000 fans who'll be giving us the best possible backing. It's such a shame the ground won't be sold out. It would have been a nice game for Dortmund as well. Third round of the DFB Cup, a packed stadium – our fans would have made a real racket. We're at home and our record at the Millerntor is nothing to sneeze at. What's in our favour is that we're a good team, we're on form and we'll go out and play with courage."


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