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Next up after victory in the derby is an outing at Karlsruher SC on Saturday (13:00 CET). As always, head coach Timo Schultz took time out on Thursday morning to answer questions from the media at the news conference ahead of the game.

Timo Schultz on...

...Karlsruher SC: "Along with us, they're certainly the team to watch at the moment. If you take 2021 on its own, they're the league's best side. They went on an extremely good run after the reverse fixture, so they deserve to be up there. If they carry on the way they are, they could mount a genuine challenge. That's the hallmark of a team who are incredibly compact and a force from set plays and crosses."

...the first few days since winning the derby: "I told the boys to enjoy it and let it all hang out. We can't keep the tension high every day. From today, however, we want to build the tension back up and see who's fit and on their toes after the derby win. I'm convinced we'll field eleven players who'll be ready to go all out to win at Karlsruhe. But you're never gifted wins, especially at KSC."

...the injury situation: "There are question marks over Finn Ole Becker and Leart Paqarada. There's a chance neither will be fit in time for Saturday. Everyone else is able to train and thus ready to play on Saturday. The lads are really up for it and we have options in the squad if ever a player is sidelined. That makes them greedy for the next game and the next win. And if we do lose a game, we won't let it get to us."

...the improvements in defence: "The trend of us allowing teams far fewer chances has been there for all to see since the winter. In terms of our defensive processes and organisation, we're tough for teams to break down now. Our marking in the box, where we had obvious problems in the first part of the season, has been very good. We still have room for improvement, but I won't have any objections if the trend of us winning without conceding like we did on Monday continues. "

...our chances at KSC, who have struggled at home: "Every game starts from scratch and runs are there to be broken. We've won three in a row away from home now after somehow failing to win away for over a year before that, so I'm not placing any particular focus on that in our preparations for the game."

...the loan players: "I obviously see a lot of other players under contract to us who are playing really well. We also have another transfer period in summer when we'll have an opportunity to sign new players and maybe extend the loan deals. At the moment, my main task is to make sure the team is functioning now. We'll have a very good team next year, that's for sure, but for now the focus on squad planning is with Andreas Bornemann and his team."

...former FCSP players like Kyoung-rok Choi: "He was very quiet and reserved back then and not ready physically to establish himself in the second division. But that's normal when a young player has a process to go through, and it took him almost two years to become an important pillar at KSC. It was clear that Kyoung had talent, though."

... KSC coach Christian Eichner: "I don't know him personally. I think he has a team and a philosophy that makes for a very attacking, grown-up and mature style of football. The table and the job he's doing there speak for him. That's always good because sometimes you can pick things up from your fellow coaches."


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