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Kemlein: "Hürzeler's style of play is unrivalled in this league"

On an impressive competitive debut for the club against Kaiserslautern, Aljoscha Kemlein was full of running, looked assured on the ball and provided bags of attacking drive. After training on Tuesday, the winter signing took questions from the media.

Aljoscha Kemlein on…

…whether he was nervous on his debut: "When I'm in the game and fully focused, I find it easy to concentrate on the football and block everything else out. I had one or two decent moments early on, which made it easier right away. I'd have loved to have got on the scoresheet, but winning was the most important thing and I'm definitely happy about that."

…his personal goals: "First of all, I'd like to get lots of playing time, develop as a player and perform as well as possible. I've obviously looked at our style of play. The way I play football and the way the club play football go really well together. I'm trying to help the team and integrate as best I can."

…the situation when Jackson Irvine comes back: "Jackson coming back was obviously something we talked about before my move but I'm not giving it any thought at the moment. I hope he does well at the Asian Cup, of course. After the talks, I felt coming here, training under a new coach, seeing new things and getting away from Berlin for a while was the right thing for me to do."

…what makes FC St. Pauli special: "There are lots of things. The fans and the ground for one thing. Playing at the Millerntor is great fun, and the style of play under Fabian is unrivalled in this league. It was sophisticated at Union Berlin under Urs Fischer, so I'm familiar with it, but it's still an adjustment mentally. I'm doing my best to be focused throughout."

Aljoscha Kemlein (left) and Marcel Hartel team up well together on and off the pitch.

Aljoscha Kemlein (left) and Marcel Hartel team up well together on and off the pitch.

…the upcoming double-header against Düsseldorf: "We should focus on the league game and try to win that first."

…Fabian Hürzeler's suspension against Düsseldorf: "I don't think it will have too much impact. The coaches are of one mind. Peter's very approachable and we can always get tips from him. I'm sure he'll do a great job on the touchline."

…his cameo for Union Berlin at Real Madrid: "The couple of minutes at the Bernabeu were very nerve-wracking, I was more nervous there than I am here. It was quite surreal being alongside all the star players all of a sudden, but it was fun and helped me not to be so nervous now."

…moving to Hamburg from Berlin: "It's exciting but there's not that much difference. They're both big cities. I've been busy so far and haven't had much time to look round town. The players have been great, they're all good characters who've made me feel really welcome. I do a lot with young players such as Philipp and Elias."

…the different moods at Union and St. Pauli: "The underlying mood is better when you win. That's normal. I had a great group at Union, and I have a great group here. It isn't such a big difference."

Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters

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