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Association with Ewald Lienen comes to an end

The association between FC St. Pauli and Ewald Lienen will end on 30 June. Lienen has worked for the club in various capacities since December 2014, initially as head coach, then as technical director, from July 2017, and most recently as values and brand ambassador. He was also active in the club's Kiezhelden CSR initiative. 

Ewald Lienen: "After seven and a half years, I want to shift my life's focus and some of my professional activities back to the Rhineland, where I come from, and thus no longer wish to extend our magnificent association any further. I'm particularly grateful for the opportunity to work for this special club in other functions not solely connected to football over the past five years. My best wishes go to my wonderful colleagues and the fantastic supporter community."

Club president Oke Göttlich: "Ewald Lienen is an outstanding person who has worked for the club in various capacities. We've experienced a lot together and after our time together all I can say is that I'm an Ewald fan."

Addressing Lienen directly, Göttlich said: "Thank you, Ewald, for the many wonderful and passionate moments you have given FC St. Pauli. You will remain unforgotten and are always welcome."

Photo: Witters