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After the 3-1 defeat at Erzgebirge Aue, there was huge disappointment in the St. Pauli camp. Here's the post-match reaction.

Robin Himmelmann: "We have to be honest with ourselves. That's not good enough to win games. We have to understand that it's not enough to play a decent pass. You have to take no prisoners when defending, both in midfield and at the back. Often it comes down to details, but in the end it's still not good enough and you can't pick up points away from home like that."

Jan-Philipp Kalla: "It didn't look too bad in spells. But: that's not good enough to survive in the second division. It's difficult to take something from a game when you lose almost every 50-50 ball. We had chances and we had some corners where something can happen. Aue let us get on with it in part and were content to try to win the ball and then break quickly. We didn't defend intelligently enough for the first two goals and found ourselves two down very quickly. We didn't come here to win any beauty contests, we wanted to win ugly, but we didn't manage either. We're now without a win in six and so the task for us now is to turn things round very quickly."

Marvin Knoll: "Week in, week out, we have to get the result and don't do it. We set ourselves big targets and then concede these goals. We had a minor high when we pulled one back, but nevertheless it wasn't compelling enough. It just isn't going for us. We aren't doing enough, it's so annoying."

Waldemar Sobota: "In general we didn't defend well today. That applies to all of us, not just the defenders. In the first half we didn't close them down and we shipped the two goals. The referee looked at the situation that led to the penalty and made a decision. I haven't watched it back but it looked very tough on us. Once we were 2-0 down it was difficult for us to come back."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "I could only train yesterday and not that much. The boss decided it would be too much of a risk for me to start the game. We've had some good performances but haven't picked up enough points, and football is all about points. I've been here three years and I think it's time we woke up. We have to change something as a team and within the team and show a different mentality in the next few games."

Sören Gonther (Erzgebirge Aue): "We had a good first half and could have gone three up before the break. When Mats came on, we had some problems. He livened things up, but once we'd made it 3-1, I was sure we'd see the game out. We're doing things well as a team and it's difficult for any team against us the way we're playing at the moment."


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