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It had been some time since the Boys in Brown last won at Erzgebirge Aue, but today's victory was more than deserved. Little wonder, then, that Timo Schultz and his players were in jubilant mood after the final whistle.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It was an excellent display by my team today. It really was fun to watch. Aue were compact and strong in the tackle and tried to keep us away from their goal. We got into the game though our transition play. Our cover at the back was really good in the first half and we created a couple of chances. We went ahead very early, which played into our hands. I'm especially pleased that we scored twice from set pieces today. We spend so much time practising set plays and had nothing to show for it until today. The way we attacked the back post was top-class today, though you need a bit of luck as well. Congratulations to Luca on his first two goals. When Aue scored, I was confident my team would deal with the situation, though I was hoping we'd put the game to bed with a fourth goal, the chances to do so were there. But we can live with the 3-1 scoreline, of course. We're delighted with the result. We've won at Aue, that doesn't happen all too often."

Luca Zander: "You could tell by the reaction of my teammates that I don't score that often. I had taken some ribbing in the dressing room because of it, so I'm all the happier it came off today and we won here at Aue. There was a bit of luck involved in the first goal, the ball was flicked on. For the second, the ball evaded everyone. We always look to make the goal bigger in these situations because we know we can get goals that way. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place twice today. In general, you saw how well we function as a team today. We all know our jobs. We're translating that to the pitch very well at the moment. You can see in every game that we're hungry to get more points and improve as a team. We'd do well to keep taking each game as it comes. That's what's made us so strong in recent matches. We want to build on that."

Dejan Stojanović: "We were wide awake and went ahead very early. We kept things quiet at the back and saw the game out in the second half. I'm very proud of the team. We're delighted with the win and are now focusing on Würzburg."

Dirk Schuster (Cheftrainer Erzgebirge Aue): "Congratulations to FC St. Pauli on the win, they were well worth it. We have to accept that a team came here today full of confidence and you can see they're enjoying their football. They have top quality in attack and everything you need - pace, power, goal threat and technical and tactical ability. We had envisaged it going differently, of course. We wanted to get a result on Martin Männel's 300th second-division appearance and reach the magic total of 40 points, if possible. We made a real mess of the first match point. Conceding early didn't exactly do us any favours. We had opportunities to equalise in the first half but didn't come up with the right solutions in front of goal. St. Pauli showed us how to deal with these situations just after half-time. The third goal was a carbon copy of the first. We never gave up, though, and instead of meeting our Waterloo we got a consolation goal. That's all we deserved today, St. Pauli were better, we have to acknowledge that."


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