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The Boys in Brown came back from 2-0 down for the third time this season on Sunday afternoon to secure a draw against Erzgebirge Aue. Though the point was perhaps too little given the performance, the mood in the dressing room after the game was largely one of satisfaction.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "Seeing how the game went, we have to be satisfied with the point. When you’re 2-0 down in the 80th minute, you’ll take a point straightaway if you’re offered it. We gave a good performance, though, and had enough chances to have deserved three points. We really wanted to win the game but have to accept the 2-2 draw. We were definitely worth the point. It’s a point for the morale because the lads never gave up after going 2-0 down and after the recent defeats. We kept our belief and that’s why we got our reward. We’ve half turned things round now and have to make sure we get back to winning ways in the last two games. You get your reward at the end of a game if you keep going, keep your belief, create chances and stay brave. It’s a hallmark of this team that the lads who come on don’t need much time to get going. They made a good impact and got their reward with the goals, though I’d have nothing against a player who starts a game scoring, of course. It was important for the team to see our plan come off today and also see that we’re a really good team when we play football and show courage. Even at 2-2, I still wanted to win the game. The players brought that attitude to the pitch today even in the phases when it wasn’t going so well because Aue played with intelligence, too. That’s the main point we should take from the game today."

Svend Brodersen: "We have to be happy with the point today. I couldn’t believe it when we conceded the second goal. We had some great chances, hit the post and then the ball ends up in our net again. We’re very happy as a team today, of course, even though the point doesn’t really help. A lot was said about us after the Braunschweig game, among other things that there was no life in the team. Even if we’d lost today, you’d have seen that there’s life in the team. I found out I’d play today after the final training session yesterday. I was so happy and gave it all I had."

Daniel Buballa: "We took huge risks throughout the game and invested a lot. Eventually we got our reward and managed to fight our way back into the game. I can’t fault anyone for the performance today. We have to fight our way out of the situation as a team. No player is more important than the team. If we stick together as a team and play to our potential, we’ll stay up for sure."

Dirk Schuster (Erzgebirge Aue): "It was a high-intensity game in which neither side gave anything away. It was tasty from the outset. We came here knowing that St. Pauli wanted and perhaps had to win the game and would push us to the limit. We made a really good start and looked to win the ball early. One such situation led to the opening goal. We had similar opportunities but were too sloppy or took the wrong decisions. We started well again in the second half but no longer had control of the ball going forward. St. Pauli took more risks, increased the tempo and pinned us back in our own half. They had chances to equalise, especially through the middle. We responded by making a tactical chance and went two up. When you lead 2-0 in the 80th minute, it’s annoying not to see the game out and win it. St. Pauli totally deserved the point because they never gave up and showed a super mentality, so I’m not too unhappy with the point in the end."

Sören Gonther (Erzgebirge Aue): "We had good chances in the first half when we won the ball but we didn’t do enough with them. From the 60th minute, we were under constant pressure. I thought we’d put the game to bed when we made it 2-0 but then we conceded twice from set pieces. In the end it wasn’t undeserved.”


Photos: Witters



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