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It was a great game of football for the neutral, but not for the Boys in Brown, who were left disappointed by the 3-2 defeat, of course, and especially by the way the goals came about. The post-match reaction.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "Bochum's win wasn't undeserved. We had our chances to break in the first half, got the ball forward well when we won possession and perhaps could have scored more than the two goals. In the second half, however, Bochum showed their quality. They controlled the ball really well and we were no longer able to mount a threat when we won possession. The only really annoying thing this evening was the way their goals came about. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Nevertheless, we don't have time to be angry. We have to start preparing for Heidenheim tomorrow at the latest. We can take some positives from the game, of course, but no points unfortunately."

Philipp Ziereis: "I don't think we needed to lose that. We put in a really good performance and went in front twice. We didn't give much away at the back, so it's really disappointing to lose. Our communication wasn't good today, especially for the second goal. Dejan called out and I moved my head out of the way unfortunately. We still lack some understanding there. That can happen, but today it happened once too often, so we only have ourselves to blame even though we played well. Bochum were a touch better in the second half and played some good possession football. We didn't get into the challenges so well, but we didn't give much away either. And then we conceded the third because of a deflection."

Leart Paqarada: "It was the hard-fought contest we were expecting, and we took the lead twice with two outstanding goals. Then, we more or less knocked their goals in ourselves. Bochum played some good football in midfield, found the gaps and eventually deserved to win 3-2."

Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum head coach): "We're obviously delighted to have taken all three points here. We made a lot of mistakes early on. We knew the deep runs would come, but we defended them very badly. That's how the first goal came about. We tried to put it right from the touchline – but that's how it is with what is still a young central defence. The good thing was that we came back relatively quickly. It is annoying, of course, that we have to keep chasing games at the moment. In the second half, we tried to take even more control of the game, which we did very well. All in all, it wasn't an undeserved win, but it was very, very tough. It's a real shame a game like that had no fans."

Simon Zoller (VfL Bochum): "It's a tough place to come. In the first half, we played into their hands with the second balls, we changed that after the break and things went better then. We can be proud as a team."


Photos: Witters