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Director of sport Andreas Bornemann also fielded questions from the Hamburg media after the opening training session of the season on Sunday morning. The 47-year-old on…

…the conditions determining his squad planning: "The transfer period isn't static. We have to take the long-term absentees into account in this context and see what happens in the next few weeks. We may have to plug a few gaps as a result. These are all things we need to consider. I'd prefer it if the entire group went through pre-season but at the moment I have to ask for your patience and understanding."

…the dream of promotion: "If you're a footballer, you want to win games. And if there's a higher league, that's where you want to be. Jos and I both know what's required to go up, but we have to be realistic about our situation. We need to show in every area that everyone is willing to put in the performances. Then we can be more assertive and define clearer targets."

…options for countering the injury concerns: "The application and personal responsibility of the players will dictate how that improves. Injuries sustained in a challenge are different from problems of fitness. The athletic components and fitness are the bedrock, but that will only emerge over time and there'll be difficult phases for us to come through as well."

…the profile of potential new signings: "For us it's about gaining quality. We've reached a clear agreement on where we need to do something."

…the young players involved in the first day of training: "That Jos is using the pre-season preparations to include players from the Under-19s and the Under-2s is very commendable."


Photo: Witters