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Boys in Brown put through their paces on visit to Under Armour

Day two of the US tour began very early for the St. Pauli delegation. At 7.45am, they were already boarding a water taxi close to their Baltimore hotel for the ten-minute ride to the headquarters of equipment supplier Under Armour.

On arrival, the Boys in Brown were taken on a tour of the company's global base, where they gained an insight into the latest developments and innovations, and also had an opportunity to see the new shirts. "We were given an absolutely outstanding and it was interesting to learn all about Under Armour," said head coach Markus Kauczinski. Also full of praise was Waldemar Sobota, who said: "You could tell the people had prepared for our visit. They knew everything about St. Pauli. It was really good fun."

During the morning, Kauczinski received assistance from a coach on the staff of the US sports apparel manufacturer. "That was the American Janosch Emonts," joked Robin Himmelmann. The coach worked with the players in the company gym for over an hour, with the workout peaking at the end when they had to race hand over hand across a series of bars stretching some 20 metres.


Photos: FC St. Pauli