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After winning ten games in a row, the Boys in Brown finally succumbed to a strong counterattacking Braunschweig team. Despite the disappointment, the consensus in the St. Pauli camp was that the performance was not bad. The pick of the post-match reaction.

Head coach Fabian Hürzeler: “Congratulations to Braunschweig on the win. We didn’t start well and didn’t defend the counterattacks. We did well in possession but we didn’t get in behind the defence enough. Instead, we played too straight down the middle, which meant we made things unnecessarily hard for ourselves. Braunschweig defended very well throughout. We had some excellent opportunities in the second half, but the goal came too late. In terms of our shape on the ball, it was a step forward today. It looked like football. Our rehearsed patterns of play were good, especially in the second half, and we got in behind their last line of defence well. We also did well defending the counterattacks. We’re obviously not happy with the result, but it was a step forward in terms of the game and the performance. We’ll build on that. We’ll analyse what was good and what was bad and then we go again next week.”

Jackson Irvine: “Braunschweig were relentless on the break in the first half. We knew how good they were in transition, and we should have defended more aggressively. We fell behind with the first action of the game. We should have done better on the ball to stop the moments that led to their goals happening. That improved in the second half. Overall, we dominated the game and so it was a frustrating afternoon for us. It hurts to lose at home, it doesn’t happen very often. Nevertheless, we can be pleased with most of what we did. The derby wasn’t on our minds, our focus was only on Braunschweig. Our run is over, but our season isn’t. There are still several games to go and lots of points up for grabs. We go into next week with that mentality.”

Marcel Hartel: "We knew how good Braunschweig were and how they would play. Unfortunately, we conceded an early goal and went in two down at the break. That isn't easy. We had some good spells after they took the lead and were in the game. We simply weren't resolute enough as the game wore on. We came back out intent on scoring an early goal but unfortunately we weren't able to do so. We're obviously disappointed. We have to keep our heads up and go into the derby with one hundred per cent. We're up for it and today's defeat won't change our attitude to that game."

Leart Paqarada: “It was obvious our run would come to an end sometime but not quite so obvious it would end today. We know what the cause was today. We’ll analyse the defeat and then draw a line under it. We were determined to take three points today, irrespective of the derby on Friday, because we only focus on ourselves. It has no bearing on Friday. If anything, it will serve to wake us up even more than before. We want to take the positives from it. Braunschweig defended well today and with their counterattacks on winning possession did exactly what we’d prepared for during the week. We gave away the goals too easily and too meekly, even though Braunschweig did very well. It’s a short week to the derby. We won’t have a lot of time to dwell on it because we’ll go straight into the preparations for HSV. Derbies never come at the wrong time and what’s gone before is irrelevant. Your attitude is the only thing that counts and I’m sure our lads will have the right one.”

Michael Schiele (Braunschweig coach): “We’re absolutely delighted to have taken three crucial points against a team who were full of confidence, knock the ball around superbly and move really well. We made a super start and took an early lead. St. Pauli didn’t let it get to them and kept on going. They had lots of shots and crosses but we were able to clear them. We then got the second goal following a quick counterattack. St. Pauli put us under immense pressure in the second half, yet we defended well and had the luck you need. Then they pulled one back and the 30,000 or so St. Pauli fans urged them forward. Nevertheless, we kept a cool head and are happy to take three points back to Braunschweig with us thanks to our great morale.”


Photos: Witters