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To Washington via Paris – changes in the delegation

The USA adventure began for the St. Pauli delegation on Tuesday morning with an 8am meet-up at Hamburg Airport. From there, the party set off for Washington via Paris slightly behind schedule at 1030CET and are expected to arrive in the late afternoon local time.

As Johannes Flum, Cenk Sahin and Florian Carstens were unable to take part in the tour, there were some late changes in the composition of the delegation. In Seung-Won Lee and Marcel Sobotta, two Under-23 players joined the travelling party, which means the squad for the US tour is now made up of 19 players.

The delegation was led by technical director Ewald Lienen. Director of sport Uwe Stöver pulled out of the trip due to his fear of flying, while commercial director Andreas Rettig stayed behind in Hamburg at the request of the board. President Oke Göttlich will join the delegation later, though Carsten Rothenbach, assistant to the director of sport, did fly.


Photos: FC St. Pauli