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FC St. Pauli has used the two-and-a-half weeks since the local derby against HSV to analyse and work through the incidents during the game in a broad-based dialogue. All issues were discussed and evaluated at length with affected persons, the Fanladen, the fan base, the club boards, the public authorities and club staff.

As in the past, FC St. Pauli will continue to assume responsibility for the safety and security of all supporters inside the stadium. Officials have taken a self-critical look at what happened. The club refuses to accept incidents such as the storming of an entrance regardless of the risk of injuries, the repeated and uncontrolled use of pyrotechnics, and aggressive behaviour and violence among fans. Club officials also take the view that the presentation of stolen fan materials of opposition clubs is not what FC St. Pauli is about.

With the discussions now completed, club officials have agreed the following measures:

Infrastructure alterations in the South Stand entrance area.

More intensive checks of persons entering the South Stand.

Increase in the number of security staff deployed.

Reduction of the ticket contingent self-administered by the fan groups in the South Stand. These tickets will be put on open sale.

Fan groups in the South Stand to contribute to the costs of fire-protection measures.

FC St. Pauli will not abandon its policy of engaging in dialogue with fans, even though the trust shown by the club was disregarded by parts of the fan base during the derby. It remains the preventive approach of the club to engage in permanent dialogue with the Fanladen, the Supporters Club Spokescouncil, the Standing Supporters Committee and the heterogenous group Ultrà St. Pauli in order to reach out to young supporter groups and their youth and sub-culture.

The club will continue to work through the incidents with all involved parties at an event that had already been organised by the club before the derby on 4 April. This event aims to contribute to an exchange of views and a recalibration of the values of the St. Pauli community.