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No one in the St. Pauli camp was happy after the 3-0 reverse at SV Darmstadt 98 on Friday evening. Here's a selection of the post-match reaction.

Waldemar Sobota: "We wanted to make amends for the cup game but failed to do so. Our work tracking back was poor. With more determination we might have been able to prevent the goals. Unlike them, we didn't take our chances. We have to stay strong as a team and prepare for the next game."

Bernd Nehrig: "We didn't take the chances we had and we didn't defend well when it mattered. At this level you get punished for that. We deserved to lose, even by three. We'll subject the game to a brutal analysis– to such an extent that it hurts. And then we'll draw a line under it. We'll carry on working in training to ensure it doesn't happen again. Against Heidenheim we start at 0-0 again."

Robin Himmelmann: "Of course it's bitterly disappointing. We actually got off to a good start but Darmstadt scored with their first chance. It was the same story after the restart. It's the second game we've lost in five days. Days like this are obviously negative but we'll regroup now and concentrate fully on the next game against Heidenheim."

Sami Allagui: "We started well today but unfortunately we couldn't see it through. We weren't forceful enough today. We had our chances, though, and it's obviously frustrating to miss the penalty. I should have waited a little longer but that's football unfortunately."

Marc Hornschuh: "We could have taken the lead, Darmstadt did so. Added to that the goalkeeper had a good day and made a couple of saves. And thus the game ended the way it did. There are some things we need to do better."


Photo: Witters