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The Boys in Brown were very critical with themselves over their missed chances in the 2-1 defeat at SV Darmstadt 98, which also meant there was nothing for Alexander Meier to be happy about after his first competitive appearance since his return to the club. The post-match reaction..

Christopher Avevor: "It's a real sickener when you look how the game went. We struggled to get going and Darmstadt had more of the ball in the first half. We came out for the second half and had two golden opportunities through Diamantakos at a time when Darmstadt weren't in it. And then we let the game slip right out of our hands at the end."

Alexander Meier: "Obviously the defeat means my first appearance was anything but nice. We controlled the game after the goal. Darmstadt pushed hard towards the end, of course, and when they equalised it was up for grabs again. Unfortunately, the volley at the end sealed the defeat."

Marvin Knoll: "We actually gave very little away up until the 60th minute. It wasn't our best performance, but we really should have made it 2-0 after half-time. We had two clear chances and if we'd got a second, the game probably would have ended differently. Defeats are a part of football, unfortunately, but we'll learn from it."

Director of sport Uwe Stöver: "We only have ourselves to blame to some extent. It's bitterly disappointing because we had the chance to put the game to bed. Darmstadt wouldn't have come back from 2-0. We failed to do that today and our concentration slipped a bit in the last quarter of an hour as well. We allowed our opponents some chances in that phase and it didn't end the way we were hoping. All in all, a draw would have been a fair result, even though it wasn't our best performance today."


Photos: Witters