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After a good first half in which the Boys in Brown steadily improved after going behind early and missed several opportunities to equalise, they eventually slipped to a heavy 4-0 defeat at SV Darmstadt 98. We spoke to the two head coaches Jos Luhukay and Dimitrios Grammozis plus Robin Himmelmann, Johannes Flum and Ryo Miyaichi about the foregoing 90 minutes.

Head coach Jos Luhukay: "It was evenly balanced in the first half, though I have to say we allowed them chances too easily with our defending. Darmstadt could have been two or three up at the break. That said we had three or four good opportunities ourselves to get the equaliser. In the first half we lacked the absolute winning mentality, both in defence and attack. That continued in the second half. We gave the goals away too easily. We were far too passive in defence and not aggressive enough in the challenges. Up front we lacked the strength of purpose to make better use of the chances we had, especially in the first half. That's how you end up with a result like this. Dimi missing the penalty was typical for the account we gave of ourselves today."

Robin Himmelmann: "We simply made too many mistakes over the 90 minutes. I'm not bothered about the margin of the defeat. It's the second time in a row we haven't played the way we set out to. It really bugs me that we go home empty-handed again. Missing the penalty at the end just sums our day up. Everything went wrong and the good thing about it perhaps is that we had it all today. We have to learn our lessons from the game, though, we have to do better. A performance like that against Heidenheim and then against Karlsruhe won't be enough to get any points."

Johannes Flum: "We didn't start all that badly. Darmstadt took their chance in their first half, we didn't. We should have scored one or two. In the end we didn't do enough today. In the second half we gave some stupid balls away and weren't greedy enough, so Darmstadt were worth their win."

Ryo Miyaichi: "We created several opportunities in the first half and should have scored. After the interval it was a poor performance from us. Darmstadt did very well in their last line of defence. We simply didn't do enough. It's hard to explain, but we go again on Wednesday and have to look ahead."

Dimitrios Grammozis (SV Darmstadt 98): "I'm obviously very satisfied after a performance and a result like that against a strong team. The way the lads played after the game at Karlsruhe was even more important for me, however. I'm very happy and full of praise for the way we approached the game today. The players who came on also had an impact. Today I had the feeling we were the team we actually want to be every weekend. Our second goal was the door opener that broke St. Pauli's will and helped us add more goals. We didn't simply administer our lead, we kept pushing forward and scored two nice goals. At the start of a busy week it was an important result that sees us go to Aue with confidence."


Photos: Witters