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In a repeat of the opening-day performance at VfL Bochum, the Boys in Brown came from 2-0 down to secure a point at Darmstadt. The mood in the camp after the final whistle was thus one of great satisfaction.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It was a really good second-division game. We were more than their equals in the first half and gave a good away performance. We created a few chances, spent a lot of time in Darmstadt's final third and didn't give much away at the back. Unfortunately, they took the lead just before the break, which was the first turning point. My colleague then switched things round, which meant we didn't have as much time on the ball, and their counterattacking players were better placed as well. Serdar Dursun had a really good game and we found him difficult to defend at times. We could have had no complaints if we'd gone three or four down. That we ended up taking a point shows what great morale we have. We never gave up and got our reward at the end, albeit with a lot of luck. Looking at the game in its entirety, though, we deserved the point."

Robin Himmelmann: "I'm delighted we turned it round and recovered from 2-0 down. We're happy to take the point. We haven't done well here in recent years and have taken a few beatings. We gave very little away early on and went 1-0 down after giving away a needless penalty. Our play wasn't quite as structured in the second half and we had the odd problem stopping them on the break. But it's just crazy how we came back at the end again."

Maximilian Dittgen: "We more than deserved the point. It would have been OK if we'd taken the lead in the first half because we were better to a certain extent. After the break we lost our way a bit and allowed them some chances but we showed team spirit again and earned the point."

Simon Makienok: "We're obviously overjoyed to have taken a point after being 2-0 down. We had a good first half and implemented our game plan really well. We had our chances, albeit no clear-cut ones, but we carried a threat. After the break we struggled. Darmstadt scored twice but we came from behind again, something we've done several times this season. We showed good spirit and kept going. The players who came on gave us some impetus."

Darmstadt coach Markus Anfang: "We started well in the first quarter of an hour and could have taken the lead, Marvin Mehlem had two really good moments. We then we lost our way, however, and made lots of mistakes even though we weren't under that much pressure. St. Pauli came into it more and the game was evenly balanced. During the interval we changed the way we wanted to attack the ball up front to apply more pressure. We got into the game and led 2-0. We then had four big chances to score the third or fourth goal but didn't do so, and ended up conceding in a goalmouth scramble. After that, we lost our composure on the ball at the back. We let it get to us and played a lot of long balls. Then we got the decision against us in the 94th or 95th minute. It feels like a defeat, but we only have ourselves to blame for it."


Photos: Witters