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After the bitterly disappointing defeat at Darmstadt, the Boys in Brown and head coach Timo Schultz were unambiguous in their analysis of the game.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "Congratulations to Torsten [Lieberknecht] and the officials on a great team and a great performance. We had very little to offer, especially in the first half. Darmstadt were always one step ahead and made clinical use of their chances as a result. You find yourself 4-0 down at half-time and you ask yourself what you're going to do. We wanted to stay solid, and we had control of the game at times in the second half. We did quite well, even though we lacked real penetration. We're fortunate to have to play again on Wednesday. That's an advantage because it means we won't be carrying the result around with us all week."

Guido Burgstaller: "I think we totally deserved to lose because Darmstadt were physically superior to us in the first half. You saw what happens when we don't play to our potential. It came down to lots of little things today. Darmstadt did well but we were bad. We didn't find any answers. We did have periods of possession in the second half, but not where it counts."

Philipp Ziereis: "Everything that could go wrong in the first half did go wrong. We didn't get a look in. Darmstadt played themselves into a frenzy. Every shot went in. We did better in the second half, were stable and did well on the ball, but you don't get anything for that. In the end, it's a deserved and painful defeat. We move on because we have our next game on Wednesday, which is good."

Torsten Lieberknecht (Darmstadt coach): "Thanks very much for the congratulations. In the dressing room after the warm-up I tried to get the lads going with a few choice words because it's all about the basics, such as tackling, etc. The basics were there at the kick-off. When the whistle blew, the basics were there. We know the situation here, we know we can get three points if we ooze confidence. We took the lead from a set piece that we followed up well and went on to score four in the first half. What I particularly liked was that the lads remained totally focused in the second half, especially in their defensive work. We didn't allow them many chances. It was a great day for us."


Photo: Witters