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Day 6: bye-bye Detroit – hello, Portland!

"The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, it was tremendous fun", said Markus Kauczinski after the 6-2 win against Detroit City, just as enthused by the noise inside the ground as the rest of the St. Pauli delegation. Almost every member of the FCSP party left the Keyworth Stadium with an earworm caused by the infectious chants coming from the stands.

"The way we've been received by the people of Detroit City is absolutely outstanding," said Ewald Lienen, blown away by the hospitality shown by the club's American hosts. "And it's amazing how many St. Pauli fans had made the journey from New York, Chicago, Toronto, Buffalo and so on. Absolutely brilliant."

The festivities didn't end with the final whistle, however, as players, officials and fans of both clubs gathered at a club in Detroit afterwards to continue their discussions and contacts. Musical entertainment was provided by the best Elvis impersonator in town, even though he waited until the second part of his show to belt out the King's greatest hits in his white Las Vegas outfit.

There was time to grab a few hours' sleep before the delegation set off for the airport at 6.30am local time to fly to their final destination of Portland. After a flight lasting around four hours, the plane carrying the St. Pauli party landed in Portland half-an-hour early. On collecting their luggage and setting their watches back three hours, they went by bus to their hotel, where after lunch they had the rest of the day to do as they please. The activities will continue on Monday morning with a visit to partners Under Armour.


Photos: Paul Ripke