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The Boys in Brown had another early start on Monday morning in Portland, but because of the jet lag this didn't present any problems. The first port of call on day seven was the campus of equipment suppliers Under Armour. The delegation then paid a visit to the Oregon Holocaust Memorial.

Next up after the memorial was an excursion into the natural beauty of Oregon. And there was plenty to see, including the impressive Multnomah Falls. The waterfall drops in two major steps and is almost 200 metres high. As well as the magnificent woodland and river scenery, there were also views of the volcano Mount Hood, at 3,425 metres the highest mountain in Oregon.

The excursion continued with a trip to Bonneville Dam, a combined lock and dam structure located on Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington. Of particular interest here was the salmon ladder, which helps the fish to negotiate the dam on their way upstream to spawn. 

After returning to the hotel for dinner, the evening took a magical turn with a visit to the show of magician David Blaine.

Photos: FC St. Pauli