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Day 8: Magical moments and meet-up with the Timbers

Day seven of the US tour ended with a magical evening for the Boys in Brown at the David Blaine show in Portland. The magician, who has been known to sew his mouth shut and then open it up again to reveal a hidden playing card, amazed the audience not only by staying under water in a glass tank for more than ten minutes but also with a host of other tricks.

After the show, the St. Pauli delegation had the pleasure of meeting Blaine at a private meet and greet, where he left Richard Neudecker, Lasse Sobiech and Co. flabbergasted with a superb card trick in which the players were able to assist.

The following morning, the Boys in Brown began their final full day in Portland with another visit to the campus of equipment suppliers Under Armour for a training session. Afterwards, the club officials met company founder Kevin Plank and new CEO Patrick Frisk.

In the afternoon, a meeting took place with officials of MLS club Portland Timbers before president Oke Göttlich and technical director Ewald Lienen accompanied supporter liaison officer Justus Peltzer on a visit to the Timbers fanladen. They were greeted by a number of St. Pauli fans, who quickly struck up a conversation with the delegation.

The players spent the afternoon at the hotel preparing for the game against Portland Timbers 2 later that evening.