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Unsurprisingly, the mood in the camp after the 2-1 defeat of cupholders Borussia Dortmund was euphoric. Here's the post-match reaction.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It was a brilliant fighting cup performance from my team tonight. We started well and could have scored twice relatively quickly against a superb team who are not simply a collection of great individual players. Of course they caused us problems, we were defending deeply. We offered them little room between the lines but still had plenty of problems getting some depth behind the backline. That meant Dortmund created a number of chances, but Dennis Smarsch kept us in the game. If you look at the way we fought and ran throughout the 90 minutes, you can't say we didn't deserve it. You obviously need a bit of luck against such a quality side, but we earned it. We did well as a team and prevented them playing balls into Erling Haaland, in particular. Compliments to our two central defenders, who frequently conducted themselves very cleverly in the one-on-ones. The team responded superbly when Dortmund pulled one back. It's normal for a side like Dortmund to create chances but in general we kept them at bay very well."

Dennis Smarsch: "This win means such a lot to me personally. It's a dream. To beat Borussia Dortmund as a team at home is absolutely amazing. We did an excellent job and gave little away. But it's still Borussia Dortmund. All in all we did very well as a unit. Dortmund are a Champions League side and we held our own. I'm speechless. It's just awesome."

Guido Burgstaller: "We went into the game wanting to make a game of it from the start, play some football and make things awkward for them. You need a bit of luck against a big team like them, and we had some early on when Dortmund had some good opportunities to take the lead., but then we scored with our first chance and added a second before the break. We fought them off with passion after that. Dortmund didn't have so many big chances in the second half and we had one or two chances on the counter where we perhaps should have done better. We pressed the ball very well and closed down the space in the centre of the park. We wanted to force them out wide and did that very well. The balls in behind the defence from Hummels were always a threat, but otherwise we defended it well. It's a shame the Millerntor couldn't be full today, but I can only say thanks to the fans who were here today. It was so much fun."

Etienne Amenyido: "It was a tough game, but we fought hard to win it. It all went very quickly for my goals. It was a great moment for me. It was obviously the kind of start we were hoping for and it's great it came the way it did. We can enjoy tonight, we deserved it, but tomorrow we'll turn our focus to Friday when we have another important game. We want to win that one, too, of course."

James Lawrence: "It's unbelievable, I'm so happy. It's an incredible feeling. It's a night we won't forget in a hurry. The early goal was so important, we went into the game at full intensity from the very first minute and showed no fear. That gave us courage and showed us we could keep it up."

Marco Rose (BVB head coach): "Congratulations to Schulle and FC St. Pauli. It's bitterly disappointing for us. If you look at the first 15 minutes and the way we approached this cup-tie, it's only natural that you won't always repair things towards the end. We went behind relatively quickly. St. Pauli did a good job with the ball in the diamond and pressed well in a flat 4-4-2. With the ball they had a lot of power with their triangle up front, kept things very tight and had lots of depth. After the own goal to make it 2-0 it was very tough given the conditions – a heavy pitch and good opponents. Although we came back into it, it's only natural we couldn't turn it around at the end when you consider our first few minutes. We did have some chances but all in all we're very disappointed because we'd taken a lot of energy from our recent games. There was none of that in evidence tonight and that's very disappointing. I'd like to wish St. Pauli all the best in the league and cup."


Photos: Witters