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The Boys in Brown stepped in front of the microphones exhausted but happy after the 3-2 win at Dynamo Dresden. Progressing to the next round of the DFB Cup more than made up for the annoyance of conceding two goals. Here's the post-match reaction.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "The fans saw a gripping cup battle. It went back and forth. Dresden set their stall out very well. They made life really difficult for us and were a constant thorn in our side. We deserved to win it in the end, though we did have a bit of luck as well. Dennis Smarsch made an important save towards the end. All in all, it was an open game, just how you want a cup-tie to be."

Christopher Buchtmann: "Dresden had prepared well. Our last meeting was only two or three weeks ago, but it was clear it would be a different game today. I think we may have conceded a bit too easily, but it says a lot for our mentality that we always manage to come back and keep the momentum going. It was a hard-fought victory and a proper cup scrap. It pleases me that we also win games like this one. We can enjoy it today, but Bremen are going to be another tough piece of work."

Leart Paqarada: "The first half took place in midfield more or less. It was a difficult pitch to play on, so it was a high-intensity game with plenty of tackles. Both teams showed more attacking intent in the second half. We deserved to take the lead but unfortunately we contributed to both of their goals. It speaks for us, though, that we managed to see the game home eventually despite conceding twice. Going for 120 minutes is a lot of work but it feels a little easier when you progress to the next round at Dresden."

Dennis Smarsch: "We made it to the third round for the first time in15 years, which is not too bad. It's never nice to concede, of course, but at the end of the day I don't care. The main thing is we went through. I didn't really notice my save at the end because I was so focused, but it feels good to be able to help the team. We stuck together so well in this cauldron, we threw everything at it and went up another gear at the end. That's what makes us stand out at the moment."

Alexander Schmidt (Dynamo Dresden coach): "It was a really tough game for us against a team who are going so well at the moment. I think my team played very well and I'm a bit sorry they didn't get their reward. We've gone close a few times recently with decent performances. We had some good moments today, both in terms of our work rate and the way we played. It could have gone either way, but we conceded a bit too easily. We have to keep working on defending better."


Photos: Witters