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"We threw ourselves into the tackles" – the post-match reaction

The Boys in Brown made a fantastic start to the football year with the 3-1 win at Dynamo Dresden on Thursday evening. Only natural, then, that the mood in the mixed zone was buoyant.

Uwe Stöver (director of sport): "It's a good start. It was important not to give much away and to defend well against Dresden's set pieces. To score three is obviously a positive. We're delighted to have gone some way to making amends in the last three games for the fiascoes against Fürth and Bielefeld. We're on the right track but we'll stay calm and matter-of-fact throughout."

Aziz Bouhaddouz: "We were superb as a team today. We fought together. We could have made better use of our chances on the break, but 3-1 is a great result, of course."

Bernd Nehrig: "We knew it would be hard work and we'd need to stretch ourselves. We took three points today because we played ugly. We threw ourselves into the tackles. It was a great performance by the lads."

Waldemar Sobota: "I worked on my shooting at training camp. It was evidently worthwhile. Before the game I made up my mind not to hesitate and instead shoot straightaway. Fortunately, it immediately came off for the first goal. It's always about the team, though, that's the important thing. Today it was me who scored, next week it'll be someone else. Today's win was doubly important, though, because we go again on Sunday. Against Darmstadt we'll be investing all our energy to carry on where we left off today."

Richard Neudecker: "Today was about performing as a team, keeping things tight and hitting them on the break. We did that. It was an incredible feeling to score, of course. I was out for a long time and come back with a goal. I'm obviously delighted. The goal was especially important because Dresden were pressing at the time, so I'm happy to have been able to help the team. It's good we're playing again on Sunday. When you win, you want to play again, of course. We're fit and ready for Darmstadt."

Lasse Sobiech: "We translated our plan into action and didn't try to keep up with Dresden's game. We set out to fight and create chances on the break and it worked. Even though we can do much better, of course, it was exactly the right plan."

Robin Himmelmann: "The three points are encouraging but we can only enjoy it for a few hours because we start preparing for Sunday tomorrow. That'll be hard enough because today's game took a lot out of us."

Photos: Witters