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Another strong showing from the Boys in Brown at the Millerntor against Dynamo Dresden made it five home wins out of five following the defeats of Kiel, HSV, Regensburg and Ingolstadt. We spoke to a very satisfied head coach Timo Schultz, goalscorer Christopher Buchtmann and midfielder Marcel Hartel after the final whistle.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It was a richly deserved win for us after a dream start that really played into our hands. Buchti hit it superbly, which he does time after time in training, it has to be said. That was one of the reasons he played. He's earned it, simple as that. I'm happy for him and for all of us. We dominated the game from then on. Adding a second with the penalty increased our confidence. The lads looked to get forward all the time and kept a tight grip on things at the back, especially when we lost possession. We've conceded just eight goals in nine games, which shows we're doing a lot better as a team than we did last season. Our basic approach will always be to get the ball forward, to enjoy our football and offer the fans some entertainment. All in all, we were excellent today and I enjoyed watching it. I can read the table and I can see we're top. It feels great, but it also feels great to go to the training ground knowing we still have lots of work to do and haven't been as good as some people are making out at times. I'm not trying to dampen the euphoria. On the contrary, I'm a friend of euphoria. I don't want to stop anyone dreaming as long as they don't forget to work."

Christopher Buchtmann: "To be honest, I was a bit nervous about starting after such a long time, but I was so happy. It's great it all worked out with the goal and the three points. I struck the ball quite well when I scored (he laughs). It happened so quickly, I could hardly believe it. I'm delighted we imposed our game on them and played so well throughout. I'm on the right track and want to keep pushing. I hope I can keep it going."

Marcel Hartel: "It was a good performance from front to back. We gave little away in defence, got the ball forward creatively and carved out chances. All in all, it was a deserved victory."

Alexander Schmidt (Dynamo Dresden head coach): "St. Pauli deserved to win, we have to acknowledge that ungrudgingly. We came up against a team who were incredibly powerful going forward. Our plans were turned upside down within a minute, which didn't make it any easier. We were blown away a bit by the quality of their play. We knew about that before the game, but the theory is one thing and the reality, when you're made to feel it on the pitch, is another. The opening goal hurt us and we more or less survived until half-time, as St. Pauli had quite a few chances. We made a few changes at the interval and came out quite well. We had our best phase of the game in the second half and we had hopes of getting something. We won the ball well but weren't able to exert any pressure. The penalty came in a phase where the game was evenly balanced. That went some way to deciding it even though there was still some time left, but seeing the way St. Pauli played with so much self-assurance gave me the feeling it would be very difficult to turn the game around. Ultimately, it was a clear 3-0 defeat, which hurts. On a day like today we have to acknowledge the performance of our opponents, which was excellent. St. Pauli are the best team we've faced so far."


Photos: Witters


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