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The players were out on their feet as they took questions from the media after the 2-0 defeat at MSV Duisburg. Here's a selection of the post-match reaction.

Robin Himmelmann: "We obviously didn't want to come here and leave empty-handed. We got into the game well early on but were a yard short here and there. In the end Duisburg had that little bit extra to win the game. Overall, we've lacked consistency this season. We'll go away and analyse that now and then go again next season."

Jan-Philipp Kalla: "We wanted a different outcome here. We'd have liked to get a result for the fans today, but the last few weeks have taken so much out of us, so the defeat is understandable."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "It was a poor performance from us. It wasn't the same energy as in the last few weeks. The batteries were empty."

Lasse Sobiech: "It would have been nice to win but for me taking leave from the Millerntor by staying up was more important. We lacked the power of the last few weeks on the pitch today. Duisburg deserved to win."

Lukas Fröde (MSV Duisburg): "We kept our shape well today and played some really good football at times. It was a close game but I think we deserved to win."

Kevin Wolze (MSV Duisburg): "I think we've had an extraordinary season for a promoted team. That was a nice way to finish the campaign today, but it'll be just as difficult for us again next year."


Photo: Witters