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After the 2-2 draw against MSV Duisburg, we sampled the post-match reaction. Overall, the mood in the camp was one of satisfaction with the performance, but not with the result.

Uwe Stöver (director of sport): "I see the game positively. To come from behind in our situation is a good signal from the team. It's obviously disappointing not to get the three points in the end, but you could tell the lads really wanted it today. That pleased me!"

Johannes Flum: "You have to consider the pressure we're under at the moment. With that in mind, we came back well, kept things simple and battled hard. I have to take my hat off to the lads. The boss set us up well before the game and at half-time. I felt we could have won it if we'd ended the game with eleven men."

Bernd Nehrig: "If you look at the last two games, the upheaval during the week, go behind again and then come back – then the positives outweigh the negatives. The fact is we were already playing well in the first half and had some good situations going forward. We knew we'd get chances in the second. We all believed that. It's obviously disappointing not to hang on to the lead. We had three days with the new coach. Now we have a long week in which to get a better understanding of the patterns and the new things. In the end, though, they're just tools. What's important is for the desire to be there– like it was today."

Daniel Buballa: "We set out today to regain stability, win the second balls and not get caught on the break, and that's what we did. After going a goal down we remained composed at half-time because we knew we could come back. We scored twice and were on the road to victory. That stupid cross before the equaliser should never have been allowed to happen. We have to be more alert there, they can't get close like that. Today's game was definitely a step in the right direction, though."

Lasse Sobiech: "For me personally a point's not enough. We came back into the game perfectly, but we should never defend in the box like we did before the equaliser. We gave our all today, as you saw."

Oliveira Souza Cauly (MSV Duisburg): "I'm satisfied with the point. We deserved it."

Ahmet Engin (MSV Duisburg): "It was end-to-end stuff from the outset, we can live with the point in the end. For me personally it was a good performance on my first start in Bundesliga 2."


Photo: Witters