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After the scoreless draw against MSV Duisburg, we jotted down the post-match reaction in the mixed zone.

Uwe Stöver: "You have to be effective to win this game, but unfortunately we weren't effective today. We kept a good shape and pressed the ball aggressively. We created chances and were patient, but we lacked punch. After two 4-0 defeats, however, it was important to keep a clean sheet to get our confidence back."

Alex Meier: "You don't go into games feeling relaxed after two 4-0 defeats. You have to take things step by step. The only annoying thing is that we didn't take our chances. I had good chances, too. In view of the commitment, the unity on the pitch and the footballing performance it was an important step forward. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win it."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "I'm not happy. The game was OK, but we have room for improvement and are capable of playing better. We created lots of chances today and have to take one of them. Perhaps we lack a bit of energy and conviction at the moment. All in all, though, it was a step forward.

Marvin Knoll: "We had enough opportunities to score but didn't take them unfortunately. We should have been 2-0 up early on when we had some clear-cut chances. We tried everything right to the end. The only thing you can accuse the team of is not scoring. But it was still better than the previous games. Keeping a clean sheet was important, too."

Justin Hoogma: "We're obviously disappointed because we really wanted to win the game. We had enough chances. It was better than the two 4-0 defeats, we did manage that, but you can't be satisfied with a 0-0 draw. We put in a decent performance and kept a clean sheet. A goal was the only thing missing, but it was a step in the right direction."

Daniel Buballa: "It was an improvement on the previous games. We played football and had the confidence to move the ball around. We created opportunities as a result and we never gave up. Apart from not taking our chances I can't complain."

Christopher Buchtmann: "I'm frustrated because a point is not enough. It was difficult against a compact team who sat back in their own half. The chances were there but we couldn't find the net. In the end we didn't have the luck you need but we'll take the positives from the game. We kept a clean sheet and it was a definite improvement on the last few games."

Robin Himmelmann: "The draw is neither fish nor fowl. We started the game really well and had some good chances, but Duisburg always managed to get a foot in the way. I think it's only a matter of time before we score again."

Gerrit Nauber (MSV Duisburg): "If we look at the game and the way it unfolded, we have to be happy with a 0-0 draw, though we did have our chances to score. It would be nice to get a reward after the good performances of recent weeks."


Photos: Witters