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After the barnstorming 3-1 win at Fortuna Düsseldorf we went in search of quotes in the mixed zone and spoke to some relieved St. Pauli players.

Christopher Buchtmann: "We didn't get into the game well, both teams wanted the clean sheet. We had to recover our composure after the injuries. Unfortunately, we then went behind. Against Sandhausen we played for 80 minutes with an extra man and couldn't score. Today we did that better and deserved to win. The goal from Philipp Ziereis came at the right time and luckily my free-kick went in as well. I try to help the team where I can and it's obviously even more fun when I score. We always believe in ourselves and put our foot down. We don't let minor setbacks get to us. We go home satisfied."

Philipp Ziereis: "My teammates have often made fun of me because although I score in training every now and then I hadn't done so in a game. I've always said I preferred to keep a clean sheet and was saving my first goal for an important moment. I think that was one today. It's to our credit that we hold our nerve if we go behind. It wasn't an easy situation today. We got a scrappy goal, turned the game round and go back to Hamburg with three points."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "It was a tight game in the first half and our performance was OK. In the second we had a phase where we just knocked the ball away. It wasn't good. After that we regained our composure. It was a bit chaotic all in all but we didn't give up. We kept going and turned the game round. It wasn't our best performance today but that doesn't matter now. It was an extremely important win and we have to approach the next few games with the same mentality."

Sören Gonther: "I won't watch that game again. The result is important and the fact that we now have 35 points. Even though it was a difficult game and we didn't do a lot of things right, you have to pay the team a huge compliment in the end. After the sending-off and their goal we had a chaotic phase where things got very hectic off the pitch and within our ranks. The only ones who weren't hectic were our opponents, who took the lead despite being a man short. We had to come through a five-minute spell where I didn't know what was going on. We came back, though, and in the end we were worth the win on account of the second half."


Photo: Witters