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A good start by the Boys in Brown was ultimately not enough to secure a result at Fortuna Düsseldorf. The home side squandered chances to win by more than the 2-0 scoreline, while Timo Schultz's side struggled to find their recent form, a state of affairs that was reflected in the post-match reaction from both sides.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It didn't go quite as we expected. We've made a lot of progress since the reverse fixture and thought we were a bit more on their level. Ultimately, though, you have to say that Düsseldorf were much better than us in every key challenge. We began relatively well and played our way through a couple of times, but when it came to the crunch Düsseldorf were there. They controlled the game better after the opening goal and we simply didn't create enough chances. Fortuna were worth their win as a result, and we can count ourselves lucky that Dejan kept us in the game a couple of times. They totally deserved all three points."

Leart Paqarada: "We made a decent start to the game and had things under control until we conceded relatively unfortunately on the break. That knocked us back a bit. All in all, Düsseldorf were worth their win because we made too many mistakes, individually and as a team. It won't knock us out of our stride, however, and we go again in a few days."

Guido Burgstaller: "The story of the game is quick in the telling. Actually, I think we started really well and had a good chance through Omar. But we deserved to lose in the end, perhaps by an even bigger margin."

Uwe Rösler (Fortuna Düsseldorf coach): "I totally agree with Timo that St. Pauli have made huge strides. It was a high-intensity game with lots of sprints on both sides. St. Pauli played with a lot of confidence. They moved across as a unit with their diamond, which prevented us from switching sides. We missed that in the first half. In general, we showed good discipline and switched the play very well. We had 22 attempts on goal and some really good chances, so I think we were worth the win."


Photos: Witters


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