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The Boys in Brown came away empty-handed against Fortuna Düsseldorf despite a brave battling performance in the second half. We spoke to some disappointed FSCP players in the mixed zone after the final whistle.

Bernd Nehrig: "So soon after the game it's difficult to explain how we didn't get a point today. As a team we have to function for 90 minutes. We weren't brave enough in the first 20 to 25 minutes and fell asleep twice. We can take some positives in that we created a number of chances, but we won't take the plaudits for that. Part of the process of developing is that eventually we'll put them away."

Lasse Sobiech: "Normally I don't like saying it was all bad luck but when you see how often the ball bounced around before the first goal with ten men in the box, it really was unlucky. It was that little bit of luck that we lacked today. We could have done with a goal like that but we lacked a bit of coolness. We totally dominated the second half, so I think 2-2 would have been a fair result. It was just that a lot of things came together today."

Sami Allagui: "It's disappointing. We weren't really with it early on and in the second half we did everything but equalise. We didn't get our reward today. It was a good performance, especially after the interval."

Christopher Avevor: "We were too hesitant early on. We have to prevent the first goal, and the second was very unlucky in the way it came about. The ball bounced, hit me on the foot and landed in the path of Hennings. Our response was outstanding after that. We gave it everything we had and dominated in the second half. Somehow there was always a foot, a head or a hand in the way – the ball just wouldn't go in. We would have deserved a point in view of our second half performance."

Daniel Buballa: "We were asleep in the opening stages. We didn't get into the game the way we set out to do and it's hard to come back against a team like Düsseldorf. Our goal was perhaps a bit fortunate at that stage of the game but we totally dominated the second half. We had a lot of chances and should have put one away. We'll take a deep breath now and push again at Braunschweig."

Jean Zimmer (Fortuna): "We started brilliantly, invested a lot and deserved to go two up. Sahin then scored a peach of a goal and St. Pauli were back in it. St. Pauli are a good side, and the Millerntor was its usual self as well. The fans were the 12th man. In the end we had that bit of luck you need to win a game like that."

Julian Schauerte (Fortuna): "We were a bit lucky in the second half. We couldn't have had any complaints if it had ended 2-2. We always try to help the team to a man and at the end we threw everything at it again."

Marcell Sobottka (Fortuna): "The first 30 minutes were the best we've played this season. St. Pauli played really well in the second half, we didn't have the necessary control anymore."


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