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After the 2-0 defeat of Fortuna Düsseldorf, the Boys in Brown looked back with satisfaction at the preceding 90 minutes and a successful end to the campaign. They also had a few words for the players who are leaving the club. The post-match reaction...

Head coach Timo Schultz: "Fortuna had invested a lot of energy in their last 12 games and suffered a number of setbacks despite going unbeaten. We went on a similar run last year and also lost momentum in the last two or three games. When there's nothing left to play for, it obviously helps to be playing in front of your own fans. We shook off the disappointment of the Schalke game very well and had a good week in training. The lads showed great commitment today. I'm also pleased with the way the goals came from sources other than the strikers. Only frontmen or Kofi have scored in the second half of the season, today it was two players who don't operate up top. It was a successful end to the season. I'm especially pleased for the lads who are leaving the club, some of them have been here a very long time. I'd like to thank the fans for showing a very fine touch in giving the lads a fitting send-off. I've known Christopher Buchtmann and Philipp Ziereis since their first day and accompanied them on their journey at the club. These things don't leave you cold. I'm happy it went so well for the lads, they've earned it."

Marcel Hartel: "We set out to win the game and we did that. We wanted to gift the fans another three points at the end of the campaign and go into the summer break with a win. I've been striking the ball well all week in training and a few of the lads were saying I'd stick one in at the weekend, so it's all the nicer when it comes off. I'm happy to have helped the team on to victory with my goal. The atmosphere was breathtaking – both during the game and afterwards, of course. We said farewell to a lot of good lads, which was very emotional for them. Buchti and Ziere, in particular, have been here a very long time. The fans gave them a superb send-off."

Luca Zander: "The focus for us today was on ending the season well, and we also wanted to give the players who are a leaving a fitting send-off. They've earned it. We did that very well, especially in the second half. The emotions after the final whistle will remain etched in the memory from today."

Daniel Thioune (Fortuna Düsseldorf head coach): "Congratulations to St. Pauli on a deserved victory. My team have had such a heavy workload in the last 12 weeks that we didn't perform as well as St. Pauli did today. We had to switch to a 4-3-3 early on after the injury to Klarer even though we'd wanted to play with a back three and didn't have any more defenders. We didn't really carry a threat up front and had a lot of set pieces to deal with. In the second half we were in defence mode and ended up conceding. The second goal was the game breaker. It was a disappointing result overall today, but I can live with it because we deserved to lose. We're looking forward to the break, we've earned it."


Photos: Witters