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Training with his new teammates and his position on the field were just some of the topics our new Swedish signing, Eric Smith, discussed with the Hamburg media between the two training sessions on Tuesday.

...his first impressions: "It all went fast and furious in the end but I’m glad to be here now and able to come down a little and focus totally on football again. It’s nice to get to know everyone and spend time on the training ground with my new teammates, the conditions here are very good."

...his own expectations: "I’m totally focused on the next few games and trying to help the team get back to winning ways as best I can. Then we’ll see how things are in summer. First, the focus is on taking each game as it comes and not looking too far ahead."

...the possibility of him playing this weekend: "I’m not sure if I’m ready for this weekend. I’m working hard on the physical side at the moment because my training rhythm was interrupted by my holiday and we have to see how my body copes with the workload. I hope to be fully available after the Hannover game, of course, but maybe I’ll make it before then."

...his career to date: "I was still very young when I started at Halmstad in Sweden. My move to Norrköping was the first time I’d been away from home. It wasn’t easy but got better and better with time. I then joined Gent on a permanent deal and broke my foot. It wasn’t the best of starts for me, of course, and after a few games I went to Tromsø and Norrköping on loan with another six months in Gent before arriving at St. Pauli."

...his agent Martin Dahlin and German football: "He obviously told me a lot about Germany and the football here. When the opportunity arose to move to Germany, we gave it a lot of thought. I was very interested in the type of football they play here in Germany and, of course, at St. Pauli – they like get forward with the ball a lot. I think Bundesliga 2 could suit me."

...his strengths: "I’m no goalscorer (he grins). Defending is where my strengths lie. I try to hold the defensive line together as best I can and put my teammates in good positions with lots of action on the ball.

...the short time to acclimatise: "I’m used to adapting to new situations quickly and I think the kind of football they play here will suit me. I hope to be able to bring my qualities to the team soon."

...the situation in the table: "The table is not a reflection of where this big club belongs. I saw the quality inherent in the team in the first few training sessions with the lads. It’s only a matter of time before we turn it around and start winning again. The quality is there, as we saw in our last game against Holstein Kiel, who are second. We could have won that one."

...communicating on the pitch: "Where I play, I have to give out instructions and be vocal, of course – that’s part of my job and that’s what I do. I obviously talk a lot to the teammates in front of me. I think I’m louder on the pitch than off it (he grins)." 


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