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Esin Rager was voted onto the presidential board of FC St. Pauli by a substantial majority at the club's ordinary general meeting on Saturday. The businesswoman and journalist had served as vice-president on a caretaker basis since 1 July and now completes the board with immediate effect.

The election was conducted in writing in accordance with the club constitution with 441 members eligible to vote. Rager received 413 of the 425 votes cast, with just 12 against, and was thus elected to the position of vice-president by an overwhelming majority. She now completes the five-person presidential board, which will stand for re-election at another general meeting due to take place on 1 December.

Vice-president Esin Rager: "I'm delighted to obtain a big vote of confidence from the members. I think the result shows that there is a broad consensus in the club, the club bodies, the full-time officials and the members with regard to the issues of sustainability and social responsibility. I now look forward to addressing these topics and many others of importance for the future of FC St. Pauli along with colleagues from the club."


Photos: FC St. Pauli, Witters