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FC St. Pauli and Oakland Roots Collaborate for Justice

FC St. Pauli and the Oakland Roots Sports Club are sending out a joint signal for justice by launching the collaborative T-shirt "Justice First, Always". Part of the proceeds will go to the Oakland Roots Justice Fund, which is committed to justice and equality.

In total, 5.10 per cent of the proceeds from the shirt sale will be donated to the charity fund set up by Oakland Roots, the Oakland Roots Justice Fund, to support causes at the intersection of racial and gender justice. Initially, the shirt will be available only through the Oakland Roots online shop and our US online shop, but it is expected that the shirt will also be available in the German online shop in early December.

The "Justice First, Always" shirt depicts the moment at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City when two US athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, protested at the medal ceremony after the 200-metre race, each raising a fist and thus using the power of sport to advance the discussion about justice and equality.

Oakland Roots and FC St. Pauli share very similar values when it comes to working for equality, equal rights and justice, among other things. Both clubs have made it clear that football is more than just a game. Oakland Roots were founded in 2018 with the concept of being a socially conscious, purpose-driven sports club. Inspired by clubs such as FC St. Pauli, the Roots threw themselves into the work and the fight for equality and justice off the pitch right away.

Oakland Roots website: https://www.oaklandrootssc.com/