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FC St. Pauli, Fanladen St. Pauli and FCSP fan base commemorate Holocaust victims

As in the previous year, the ceremony organised by Fanladen St. Pauli to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day could not take place in the presence of the general public. To mark the day in a dignified manner, however, a small number of people representing the club, the Fanladen and the fan base gathered at the memorial plaque on the South Stand forecourt on Thursday to honour the victims of the Holocaust.

Representatives of FC St. Pauli, Fanladen St. Pauli and the AGiM gathered at 14.00 CET on Thursday to lay a wreath in honour of the victims of the Holocaust and send out a signal against forgetting.

"Despite the unimaginable scope and heinousness of the Holocaust there are still people who make light of or even deny it and countenance the murder of people who the National Socialists believed should not live," said club president Oke Göttlich. "We are all responsible for learning from history, keeping alive the memory and never forgetting. FC St. Pauli and its fans commemorate the millions of victims of the Holocaust."

"Even though the commemoration again has to take place in the presence of just a small number of people, it is more important than ever," said Nils Margner of Fanladen St. Pauli. He also thanked the many groups and individuals who honoured the victims of the Holocaust with wreaths and candles.


Photos: FC St. Pauli


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