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For tolerance and diversity: three rainbow flags fly above Millerntor Stadium

As a symbol of tolerance and diversity, the rainbow flag flies above the South Stand of the Millerntor Stadium all year round. In light of recent events, the flags with the skull and crossbones and the club crest, which can normally be seen there, too, have been replaced by another two rainbow flags.

The club took a clear stance on Tuesday following a decision by UEFA to reject an application for the arena in Munich to be lit up in rainbow colours for the Euro 2020 game between Germany and Hungary:

"In its role of bringing people together, football must fulfil its social responsibility. This includes standing up for a world in which every person can love who they want.

No state has the right to curb this love and no international governing body should curtail expressions of opinion and solidarity in support of a diverse society. A rainbow has never hurt anyone and should not be stopped by regulations.

Love who you want!"

Photos: FC St. Pauli