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After the bitterly disappointing DFB Cup defeat at SC Freiburg, head coach Timo Schultz expressed his pride in his team.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "Huge compliments to my team. The plan we devised worked really well. We gave very little away and were a constant threat on the break. In my view we could have scored more here. The pressure gradually built up and the pace of the game seemed to increase as well. From where I was it looked like the Freiburg players were all 2.50 metres tall and all of them were up front. That you’re eventually unable to defend a ball is part of the game and that’s the bitter truth today. I told the lads today we were playing two games. One for the scoreboard and one for the attitude. We won the attitude game by some distance."

Lukas Daschner: "We’re all lost for words about conceding both goals just before the end. We have to analyse it even though moments like that sometimes can’t be analysed. We had a good intensity. We ran at them almost constantly in the first half but that took it out of us. We played a team who are third in the league at the moment and playing in Europe. I can’t fault the team. On the contrary, I have to pay them a compliment. I was a bit surprised in the run-up to my goal, but it was a consequence of all the jabs we kept landing."

Johannes Eggestein: "It all boiled down to the last few minutes in the end. We were simply unlucky and have to look at what we could have done better. Winning the derby obviously gave us a boost to go into the game with a positive mindset. We can be proud of ourselves. After a game like that, when you concede twice so late having performed so well, you’re very sad, of course. In the end Freiburg won on account of their quality. The positive we can take from today is that we played well against SC Freiburg. That will give us confidence."

Christian Streich (SC Freiburg): "We struggled to get going. We didn’t have enough assurance on the ball to find the space against their 3-5-2. St. Pauli had already had a big chance to take the lead. The goal we did concede is obviously one we shouldn’t be conceding, but I’m not going to blame anyone even though it was a real gift. At half-time I sensed we needed new energy. As Timo already said, we were able to up the tempo and win the key challenges. It says it all that Matthias Ginter got the equaliser. It was a great game between two teams who gave their all. In the end, St. Pauli were the unluckier team."


Photos: Witters