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The Boys in Brown were understandably unhappy with their performance after the 3-0 reverse at Greuther Fürth on resumption of the league campaign, even though the margin of defeat was too high in their view.

Daniel Buballa: "I don't think the result reflected what happened on the pitch. We matched Fürth to be fair. The problem was that we kept getting caught on the break. You can't afford to do that. Fürth took advantage and were clinical in front of goal. We got nervous too easily and didn't move the ball around well. Fürth were a touch livelier and more aggressive at the decisive moments. Ultimately, we lacked composure today. We now have three days' time to get our heads up again and then take on Stuttgart in front of own fans. We aim to do much better."

Robin Himmelmann: "I thought we made a decent start. In the first half we gave them a bit too much space here and there. It wasn't good that we had no control over the game whatsoever. We didn't string many moves together or get in behind them and we didn't win the tackles in the key areas. I thought we did that much better in the second half. Conceding the first goal just before the break did us no favours, no question about that. In the first 15 to 20 minutes of the second half we weren't in the game at all. It wasn't too late, though, as we still could have scored, but when you look at the 90 minutes as a whole, we wouldn't have deserved it. To then go and ship two goals on the break is obviously unfortunate."

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann: "We struggled to get into the game and get a grip in midfield. After Fürth's big chance early on, it developed into an evenly balanced game. Henk scored a goal that wasn't given. We then conceded the opening goal from an unnecessary situation. When you try to turn things round towards the end, you always run the risk of getting caught on the break, of course. Three-nil sounds bad, but Fürth were worth their win in the end even if the margin of victory was perhaps a little too high. We have to focus on ourselves and will spend tomorrow going over the game again."

Branimir Hrgota (Greuther Fürth): "Proper competitive games are different again from warm-up matches. We were far more motivated today, as you saw. I'd say we kept a very good shape, especially in defence. Taking all three points was important in the end."

Paul Seguin (Greuther Fürth): "A 3-0 win at home in the first match is super. I thought we were superb at the back, which was important today. We now need to recuperate quickly, as we're back in action again on Friday."


Photos: Witters