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The Boys in Brown claimed a crucial win over Fürth in the battle to avoid the drop on Saturday afternoon. After the game the mood in the mixed zone was one of jubilation, though everyone knows there is still plenty of work to do.

Director of sport Uwe Stöver: "It was a very good performance, exactly what we needed at this moment in time. Compliments to all, including the fans and the club, who have tackled the situation as one and with the appropriate composure. We were carried on a wave of support, which was tangible even during the warm-up. What we showed today has to be the basis because we're in a battle against relegation. We have to continue the approach we showed today and during the week until the final day because we've only achieved a third of what we've set out to do."

Jan-Philipp Kalla: "We showed 100% effort today. Everyone fought for each other and it was the exactly the reaction we wanted to show. We went flat out all week in training. You could feel a positive energy. Everyone gave their all today – on and off the pitch. Respect! I could go straight back out and play again. I won't look at the table until it's over."

Dimitrios Diamantakos: "I'm really happy to get my first goal and play my part in this important win. The performance, the fans and the atmosphere were outstanding. Our plan came off perfectly, but we have to keep working hard and stay focused because it isn't over yet. We can celebrate now but have to concentrate on Bielefeld from tomorrow."

Lasse Sobiech: "We were there at the right time and are very happy with the three points today. We got into the tackles from the start, fought for every ball, made a good start, and took our chances. We couldn't have done it without the fans, though. They've kept encouraging us in spite of the performances and the support was outstanding. It was an incredibly important game and we'll take a lot of confidence from it. We'll enjoy the win today, but from tomorrow we'll already be preparing for Bielefeld."

Robin Himmelmann: "That was a triumph of the will! We had total conviction and brought it to the pitch from the first minute. For us it was about giving the fans something back for their support. After the first two chances for us you could tell it was going to go well. We were in full flow from then on. There's still a long way to go, but today has to be our yardstick for the next two games."

Philipp Ziereis: "This performance does us lots of good. We dominated the game and took the crowd with us. Every player worked himself into the ground. Huge compliments to the team. After the interval we got the third goal at just the right time. We wanted to show everyone we're giving our all for the club and for St. Pauli. The support of the fans during the week really did us good. These are the things that make you realise how special St. Pauli is. We now have a day to enjoy it."

Christopher Buchtmann: "Unfortunately I had to go off with a groin injury. We'll have to wait for Monday's examination, but it doesn't feel too good. Overall, however, you could sense the energy, fight and desire in the team from the outset. We have to keep it going!"

Mats Møller Dæhli: "I gave my all today until I couldn't give any more. We defended well as a team, stayed compact and got the ball forward quickly. We tackled well from the start. That was St. Pauli football today. The atmosphere in the ground was fantastic. Next week it'll be exactly the same."

Richard Neudecker: "The most important thing today was that we played as a team. In the dressing room you could tell that everyone was fully focused and the mood was right. The way we fought our way into the game and ran for each other was simply awesome. Huge compliments to the players. The game was tremendous fun to play in. I don't think there's any other ground where it's easier to take the people with you with fight and passion, but we know we achieved nothing yet and still have two important games in front of us."

Rachid Azzouzi (Greuther Fürth director of sport): "We allowed ourselves to be outfought even though we knew what to expect today. We have to pick ourselves up again now because we've got two games left and everything in our own hands."


Photo: Witters