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The general meeting of the German Football League (DFL) decided by majority vote on Thursday afternoon to retain the 50+1 rule, agreeing to conduct a policy debate on the issue at the same time.

Eighteen of the 34 clubs eligible to vote voted in favour of a motion submitted by FC St. Pauli. Four were against, nine abstained, and three did not participate in the voting. The motion references a "process for the improvement of legal certainty and other considerations regarding the changed underlying conditions while maintaining the 50+1 rule".

"The meeting sent out a good signal," said general manager Andreas Rettig after the meeting. "Our praise and thanks go to the league board, who in our view chaired the meeting well. Nevertheless, we still have to consider how we can make the rule more legally watertight in future. We can't afford to sit back and ignore future developments."

"We're delighted with the outcome. It's an important commitment to 50+1 and a significant step in the right direction. Today's meeting also showed that it makes a lot of sense to discuss things with each other," said president Oke Göttlich.


Photos: Witters