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The state premiers of the 16 German Bundesländer met representatives of the federal government on Wednesday to consider the next steps in the corona crisis. One of the topics under discussion was a possible resumption of the Bundesliga season with regard for the hygiene concept formulated by the German Football League (DFL). 

With a view to resuming matchday operations in full compliance with the respective regulations, the federal government and the state premiers have given the go-ahead for the season to restart in the second half of May.

The decision on when the season will resume – either on the weekend of 15/16 May or 22/23 May – will be taken by the DFL.

FCSP president Oke Göttlich said: "FC St. Pauli supports the motion passed by the 36 clubs to resume playing in compliance with a detailed hygiene concept. We therefore welcome the decision for the purposes of the welfare of the club. It is now down to all of us to conduct ourselves accordingly in taking this opportunity to ensure the survival of every club. We need to be clear that the resumption has to be the starting-point for a debate on the reform of a professional game that has systematically spiralled out of control. Games without fans offer a gruesome picture in every respect of what all of us have made of the game from a pure belief in the market. The relationship between sport, culture and business is in need of readjustment.“

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann said: "We're obviously happy with the positive signal from the politicians that after such a long period of uncertainty we can start playing again. A decision will now be taken within the league whether to resume on 15/16 May or, if necessary, a week later. That is sure to be discussed and resolved over the next few days.“


Photos: DFL / Getty Images / Oliver Hardt