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Göttlich: Political dialogue key to stopping far-right fearmongering

The German election result, which saw the rightwing populist AfD enter the Bundestag for the first time, has left its mark on FC St. Pauli. On Monday the club issued a statement through president Oke Göttlich, having already taken a clear stance for tolerance and diversity and against racism and discrimination on election night.

"The outcome of the 2017 parliamentary election is exasperating, it being the result of many years of extreme rightwing and völkisch groundwork, in particular in structurally weak regions. For this reason in particular, the democratic parties and the citizens of this country are now tasked with finding common ground via the arduous, yet critical path of political dialogue to ensure they are able to win people over again, both in terms of policy and substance. This is the only way to put a stop to openly far-right fearmongering politics. We are all called upon to do this by this result, especially the professional clubs in the Bundesliga and the second division, they being key multipliers."