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Here's the post-match reaction after the 1-0 defeat at Hannover 96.

Timo Schultz (head coach): "Congratulations to Hannover 96 on a deserved win on account of the better chances. Possession of the ball isn't the same as control of the game. My team did a lot of things right and moved the ball around to the edge of the penalty box. We were able to create overloads there but didn't make the best of them. If we'd been more resolute, we could have taken a point. We have Niko to thank for keeping us in the game for so long."

Guido Burgstaller: "We wanted to put them under pressure early but some individual errors from us brought Hannover into the game. That's also how the goal came about. We had a few opportunities to equalise in the second half but in the end Hannover had the better chances. We lacked the ideas to hurt them."

Jannes Wieckhoff: "We let Hannover into the game and catch us on the break. We eventually conceded the goal and have only ourselves to blame for the defeat."

Jan Zimmermann (Hannover coach): "We're very glad and relieved. We worked very hard during the international break and wanted to stay solid and effective in transition. That allowed us to keep St. Pauli away from our goal. We could have put the game to bed earlier, and when you don't do that, you have to defend well, which we did to the end. The players did a lot of things right tactically and compensated for the things that didn't come off with team spirit."


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