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After the defeat at Heidenheim we collected a few soundbites for you in the mixed zone.

Andreas Rettig (interim director of sport): "While the result is disappointing, the performance gives grounds for encouragement. As daft as it might sound, it was a sign of life. In the first 20 minutes we played like a team at the bottom of the table, but after we went behind we got better by the minute. In spite of the result I go home with a different feeling from the one I had after the Düsseldorf game. I'd also like to pay tribute to the young players. And after a performance like that we don't think we need to call the coach into question. It's a difficult situation for us but St. Pauli is known for everyone pulling together, precisely when the going gets tough."

Lasse Sobiech: "In the first half we gave the ball away too many times and didn’t get the tackles in, but the second half was much better than all our recent games. We played more football. We have to build on that, even though it wasn't enough and we ended up losing."

Richard Neudecker: "Finally I was able to do my bit. I felt good. I can play better and physically it was OK. My groin held up, which is important. Overall it was a decent performance today. Obviously we didn't get a result again, but all in all it was a step forward."

Sören Gonther: "We didn't start well but after we went behind we came more into the game. The second half was good in terms of effort and we were able to create a few dangerous situations. Dangerous isn't enough, though, we have to start scoring again. We'll force one eventually. We can build on today's performance. We'll keep getting back up again and get out of trouble together. The penalty was a joke. I've already spoken to John about it. We both had hold of each other's shorts."

Bernd Nehrig: "We played better football in the second half but weren't quite efficient enough. We then concede a penalty and it's game over. It's obviously a crappy situation for us but giving up is not an option. It's not over until the final day of the season."

John Verhoek (FC Heidenheim): "We showed a desire to win throughout the 90 minutes. We fought hard and played with lots of passion. That's the only way to win in the second division. It wasn't a game like any other for me, as I had three very nice years at St. Pauli all in all. You can give the penalty but you don't have to. Today he gave it. But St. Pauli can win every game now."


Photo: Witters