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In view of the convincing 3-0 defeat at FC Heidenheim following a below-par performance, especially in the first half, the Boys in Brown did not mince their words after the final whistle. The post-match reaction.

Marvin Knoll: "Nothing we set out to do came off. The first half was abysmal. When you play like that, teams like Heidenheim will put three past you. After the interval we wanted to show character for the travelling fans. You’re almost ashamed when they applaud you after a performance like that. We had a good plan and wanted to be more attacking. If it doesn’t all go to plan, the least you can do is run and work your socks off. We didn’t do that in the first half, and so we lost. It’s time we put in a performance for the fans again. I’ve never experienced anything like it. You normally get abuse after a display like that. The people in the away section are unrivalled."

Johannes Flum: "We didn’t go into the tackles or win them from start to finish. It began with me losing the challenge against Glatzel. That led to the opening goal and it all started then. It isn’t a mental problem, it’s a tackling problem, when you see how we go into the tackles and how Heidenheim go into them. If we play like that, we’ll never get a point here. At half-time the boss appealed to our honour not to ship any more goals. We managed that, but there can be no excuses for what happened in the first half."

Robin Himmelmann: "We gave our opponents chances from the word go and yet we could have taken the lead. I’m at a bit of a loss for words after a performance like that. There’s not a lot you can make good in the second half today. We let them get the better of us too quickly and struggled to get our own game going. It was a poor team performance and it’s got nothing to do with the system or the tactics."

Andreas Rettig (director of sport): "I’m lost for words after the second half against Bielefeld and the good impressions in training during the week. Nothing pointed to a performance like that. The only positive today was Finn Ole Becker, who despite getting sent off lay down the only positive marker. No one else reached the form we want. We’ll take a critical look at things internally. The game was over after 28 minutes and that’s not OK.”


Photo: Witters