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After the fourth win on the bounce against Heidenheim the mood in the camp was one of jubilation over three more points in the fight against the drop. Understandably, the visitors were not happy with the result. Here's a selection of the post-match soundbites.

Sören Gonther: "John and I gave no quarter for 90 minutes. I told him before the game he wouldn't get a goal against us today. It's obviously unfortunate for him to score an own goal. Waldi [Sobota] whipped the ball in and the players in front of John ducked and he had no time to react. The way the goal came about was lucky but we had them under pressure and so it was no coincidence. The second goal gave us assurance. We can't afford to relax, though, otherwise we'll go under at Kaiserslautern. We'll have to gather all our strength again there." 

Philipp Heerwagen: "We've taken lots of little steps in the last few weeks and months and today was another one. All we did today was add three points to our tally, though. We're closer to staying up but with 38 points we aren't safe yet. We aim to fight for every inch at Kaiserslautern next week."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "We had much more control of the game after the break and were more courageous and thus better going forward. We got the goals at the right time and gave nothing away at the back. Before my goal we pressed well and forced them into the mistake and then I was there. We have to keep going like this."

Lasse Sobiech: "We didn't give much away in the first half but didn't have that many chances of our own. The way we won the ball back straightaway whenever we lost possession was good. After the break our passing play was better. Waldi's free-kick summed up our desire. The first goal allowed us to play with more freedom but it was also important for us not to concede. Despite all the jubilation it's not done yet. Nevertheless, we can be very proud of our performances in the second half of the season."

Aziz Bouhaddouz: "We secured an important win today and took a big step forward but we haven't achieved anything yet. At Kaiserslautern we want to take another decisive step towards safety. Four wins in a row give us lots of confidence, of course. We're simply having loads of fun, as we demonstrate week in, week out."

Waldemar Sobota: "We knew we had to be patient. After the goals it was obviously easier for us to keep playing. We can be happy about the points today but we haven't achieved our objective just yet. We need to and want to get another result at Kaiserslautern."

Christopher Buchtmann: "It was a lot of fun today! We were outstanding after the break and played some good football. We showed lots of bite as well and won the tackles. Everyone's there for each other, you keep seeing that. Waldi's free-kick opened the door. It's great to keep another clean sheet, of course. If we keep playing with this level of aggression and this attitude, we'll stay up, though we can't afford to let up."

John Verhoek (FC Heidenheim): "It was a nice feeling to play at the Millerntor again. It was as if I'd come home. The first half was evenly balanced but after the break we weren't stable enough and St. Pauli were clearly the better side. We knew St. Pauli were up for it but we couldn't prevent the defeat. Unfortunately I got an awkward ball against the chest for my own goal."

Marc Schnatterer (FC Heidenheim): "We matched them in the first half and gave nothing away. We aimed to carry on like that but we penalised ourselves within the space of nine minutes."


Photo: Witters


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